The Advantage of Long Pulse Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers have proven their core competitive advantage in the cutting field. The Yb-doped fiber laser with wavelength of 1070 nm is the ideal light source for laser cutting, excellent beam quality, high anti-material reflection, and high efficiency is the advantage of fiber 5mw green laser in cutting application. Looking back, we have shown that using long pulse cutting can achieve higher efficiency. QCW quasi-continuous laser is more compact than lamp pump Nd: YAG laser, and its low power, low cost, low heat input, high pulse energy, high brightness, high electro-optical conversion characteristics give it high quality cutting The advantages:

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To meet the needs of low-power single-mode laser and high-power multi-mode laser cutting between the needs of the blank, can be a variety of thickness of the material cutting. QCW quasi-continuous fiber lasers, with excellent modulation and pulse waveform shaping (waveform editing) capabilities. Pulse modulation enables QCW to significantly improve machining quality and speed in applications such as cutting, welding, punching, surface cleaning, etc., for 10-100% modulation and climb for only 10 μs. Talking about QCW cutting non-metallic materials, you have to mention sapphire, ceramics and other brittle materials. The cutting of these materials, scribing and other applications are very sensitive to heat, the accuracy of a very high demand. The following advantages that QCW can bring to the cutting and scribing of these brittle materials are critical to stable scale production.

Laser manufacturing technology after years of research and development, covering the red laser pointer surface engineering, laser welding, laser cutting, laser hole, laser marking, laser material manufacturing as the representative of the macro-manufacturing technology to laser micro-welding, laser precision cutting, Laser-induced drilling, laser ablation, etc., and the preparation of femtosecond laser, two-photon polymerization, interference lithography, contact ion lens sequence, laser induced surface nanostructure and nano-particle laser preparation On behalf of the laser micro-nano manufacturing technology and other extensive research areas, across the millimeters, microns and nano-scale, become a pivotal advanced manufacturing core technology, will play an indispensable role in the future. Among the above research areas, ultra-fast laser micro-nano processing is undoubtedly the current and future period of research hot spots, the research prospects are very optimistic.

As the ultra-fast 100mw laser pointer in the energy density and the role of time and so can be extremely extreme, and make its manufacturing process using the physical and chemical effects, the mechanism of action is different from the traditional manufacturing, such as non-linear (multi-photon, etc.) And non-equilibrium between lattice, non-equilibrium between electrons, etc.) and non-thermal phase transition (Coulomb explosion, electrostatic ablation, etc.). Ultra-fast laser micro-nano manufacturing contains the cutting edge of the manufacturing base of hot spots, due to the extreme elements of manufacturing, ultra-fast laser manufacturing process of observation, analysis and understanding there are still many problems to be revealed, in particular, these special features of the manufacturing Principle applied to more areas, you must have a more profound grasp of its manufacturing mechanism and laws.

In the short term, micro-nano manufacturing technology will not have a significant impact on environmental and energy costs. Subject to the current processing technology constraints, these technologies in the early stages of development tend to have a higher energy costs. At the same time, micro-nano manufacturing once mature, will consume less 50mw green laser energy and resources, in this regard, micro-nano manufacturing is undoubtedly an exciting technology. For example, unlike the removal of a trim, the resulting laminate process will result in less waste.

Ultrafast laser nano-processing cutting-edge technology, ultra-fast laser technology, ultra-fast laser nano-processing typical industrial applications. The conference will invite domestic and foreign laser technology research, laser devices and equipment research and development, laser processing applications related enterprises, research institutes and universities, research institutes, laser micro-nano processing applications of well-known leaders, around the theme of the conference, Ultrafast 1mw laser pointer and micro-nano processing technology in the field of cutting-edge technology and hot issues, the latest technology developments related to the field, to promote ultra-fast laser micro-nano processing technology development and application.

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